Woods by Tom
Original pieces of 
wooden art created
by Tom Sciple
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Pieces of Art

Our vessels are individually crafted on a wood lathe by the artist.  Each vessel is finished with 6 to 8 hand-rubbed coats of a durable finish and then buffed to a high gloss to provide a durable and beautiful finish.  

Vessels with the natural bark attached are designated as "natural edge" bowls and should be handled with caution. 

Each vessel is unique and designed to provide the owner with a life-time of enjoyment; however, the vessel should NOT be placed on a mantel over a working fireplace as the heat produced by the fire could result in damage to the vessel.  Also placing the vessels in direct sunlight could result in fading and damage.

Each vessel may be wiped only with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust.
Natural Edged Cherry Burl Flower Bud Bowl
Item #459    NOT FOR SALE
Rare Birdseye Redwood Burl Bowl within a Box
Item #282    NOT FOR SALE